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A Marietta GA drug crimes attorney can help you build your case, find out if you have any legal defenses, and explore any other options available to you if you’re charged with possession of drugs in the state of Georgia. You must speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney sooner rather than later if you’re facing a drug charge because they can help present your case in the most positive light to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Here are some helpful things to know about drug crimes in Marietta GA and what to do if you’re charged with possession of drugs or anything else

Drug crime laws

There are laws on the books that prohibit the possession, sale, manufacture, trafficking or distribution of illicit drugs. Drug crime charges can range from misdemeanors with fines of up to $1,000, jail terms between one day and one year, or both; up to felonies that carry a penalty of as much as 40 years in prison. Individuals charged with a crime will face trial by jury or by judge alone if they waive their right to a jury trial.

The prosecution needs to prove that you knowingly had illegal drugs in your possession and intended to do so without a prescription. They also need to show that you knew the drugs were classified as illegal and either possessed them for more than 30 days or intended to sell them.


A drug crime conviction can carry up to a lifetime sentence. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced attorney who will stand by you during the difficult process of defending you in court. Make sure that your lawyer is well-acquainted with your specific charges, as well as the prosecutor on your case. Some attorneys specialize in certain areas of law, such as traffic violations or DUI defense, while others have experience in more serious offenses like theft crimes or drug crimes.

Defenses you can use against drug crime charges

Certain defenses can be raised if you are charged with a drug crime. For example, you could argue that the drugs were for personal use and not for distribution or sale. This is usually only plausible when the amount of drugs found is relatively small. Alternatively, it is possible that there was another person in your home who may have used your residence as a place to distribute or sell drugs.

Things to do if you’ve been charged with a drug crime

If you have been charged with a drug crimes in Georgia, there are many ways to protect yourself. First, call Marietta GA drug crimes attorney so that they can evaluate your case. They will be able to provide you with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case against you, as well as how best to defend yourself. They represent clients throughout Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, North Fulton County, North Dekalb County, Fulton County, and Cobb County Georgia.


First, an attorney will review the charges against you. He or she will help you determine whether the evidence is enough for probable cause. If it is, then they’ll give their opinion on what the judge should do when making a decision. They’ll also be able to help with bail decisions and the release process. An experienced lawyer can be invaluable if you are facing drug crimes in Marietta GA.